Posted by Varun Ramesh

In 2017, however, hourly employees make up more than half of American workforce. An overwhelming majority of this target audience use smartphones on a daily basis given that they are typically more mobile-centric than their traditional full-time, deskbound counterparts. The best way to reach them in a timely fashion is via mobile communications. Accordingly, failing to communicate and engage via appropriate channel(s) with your hourly workers is one of the biggest reasons for turnover.

According to a Harvard Business Review article, these hourly employees do not want information to flow through multiple layers resulting in distortion by the time they receive these messages. They prefer a steady and timely channel of communication. They’d rather obtain information directly from their Supervisor(s) than hear it on the grapevine. If communicating with the current hourly workforce is difficult, imagine how you would update past employees regarding new job opportunities?

Imagine you’re a Supervisor who is looking to hire employees for a temp or seasonal job or engage with your current workforce. Do these pain points ring a bell?

  • Communicating updates regarding job application to applicants
  • Ensuring flex workforce is on-boarded effortlessly after they’re hired
  • Keeping the workforce informed about inclement weather – in snow-prone areas of the Midwest and the Northeast and hurricane prone areas of the Gulf coast
  • Notifying the workforce about changes in work schedule, reporting time, or even available work
  • Communicating feedback and ratings based on work performed by workforce in near real-time while the performance is still fresh in your mind
  • Broadcasting messages in a timely fashion to specific work groups like current employees or past employees
  • Push a survey or training video clip with a short test

The modern workforce demands a workforce management and staffing solution that is engaging and lets supervisors not only send individual or workgroup emergency alerts, but also keep the workforce apprised of changes in weather, reporting time, available work, or compliment them of work well done with a reward.

The solution should also feature smart text messaging capability to ensure that messages reach your workers on time via an ubiquitous channel. With Supervisors communicating directly with the hourly workers or tailored workgroups via smart notifications delivered to an app and/or text messages, employee engagement goes through the roof.

Businesses must turn to platforms like WorkLLama™ to address these needs and transform individual transactions into meaningful long-lasting relationships with their current, past, and future workforce. With the ability to address these challenges in a single platform and mobile app for employees, the complications of communication and engagement become a distant memory, and you will have a strong, flexible workforce ready for action. Click here to learn more.