Last Updated: March 27, 2020


By using workllama.com or any other WorkLLama websites, you agree that we can place browser cookies on your device as described in this Cookie Notice and our Privacy Policy.

What are Cookies?

A cookie (a.k.a., browser cookie, internet cookie, web cookie) is a small text file saved on your device when you visit a website. Cookies enable sites to help identify visitors and enrich user experience with saved preferences and customized content.

WorkLLama’s Use of Cookies

We use cookies to make it possible for us to save your website preferences, recognize you when you return, and save information you provide in online forms. This enables us to provide you a more customized experience based on your individual needs, interests, and interactions on our website. We also use cookies to understand how you use our websites, which guides our decisions to improve our content, functionality, and related services.


We use the following types of cookies:


  • Session cookies on WorkLLama websites are used to maintain relevant information about your visits and transactions on our site. Typically, session cookies expire when you close your browser or turn off your device.
    Persistent cookies on WorkLLama websites are used to recognize you when you return to our site, save your basic user information and preferences, save information you provide on forms, and provide you customized content and functionality.
    Google Analytics cookies are used to collect information about how visitors find and use our website.


The information collected by cookies is used in accordance with this Cookie Notice and our Privacy Policy.

Option to Block WorkLLama Cookies

You have the option to block cookies used by our websites by adjusting the settings in your browser. However, please note that if you choose to block cookies used by our sites, you may not be able to access or fully use pages and services that require the use of cookies.

Consent to Use WorkLLama Cookies

If you continue to use our websites without changing your cookies settings, or if you dismiss notice or do not click links to opt out of cookie use, when presented, you give your permission to our use of cookies.