Create Candidate Experiences as Unique as Your Organization

Tailor the recruitment experience and acquire more candidates through personalized, branded recruitment career pages that attract, engage and convert talent


Increase in candidates


Candidate reach


Increase in placements


Create Personalized Candidate Experiences

  • Tailored candidate journeys
  • Targeted job recommendations
  • Intelligent job search and matching
  • Personalized content and messaging
  • AI-driven chat and text
  • Easy application process

Make Recruitment More Personal

Recruitment is competitive. Communicate to your ideal candidate through branded career sites with conversational AI bot technology. Tailor your messaging, content and job matching to deliver unique experiences specific to individuals’ job search needs and behaviors.

Showcase Your Employer Brand

Demonstrate your employer value proposition and what makes your organization a great place towork! WorkLLama helps identify and segment audiences to showcase the unique selling points thatare most relevant and important to your target candidates.

Integrate with Your HR Tech Stack

Your branded career site integrates seamlessly into your ATS, allowing for easy application, resume parsing and registration. Career sites are fully desktop and mobile responsive and can be shared on social media and SMS, allowing you to reach candidates when and where they are hanging out.

What Hiring Leaders Have to Say

“Not only could they integrate seamlessly with our ATS, but I had direct access to WorkLLama’s senior leadership to discuss how to best leverage the technology. As a growing business, we now
have a powerful tech partner and tech roadmap to support that growth.”

Chief Executive Officer

“With the new app, we’re able to meet our talent where they’re at, and most often that is on a mobile
device. This is a competitive advantage for us, as it enables us to input their information faster.”

Chief Executive Officer

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Going viral isn’t about millions of candidates jumping in your talent pool. It’s about human connection and the desire to share an experience. That’s exactly why you’re here.

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