On-Demand Mobile Recruiting App Whenever and Wherever You Need

Engage talent and manage recruitment wherever you go with WorkLLama’s recruitment app powered by AI and automation


Increase in candidates


Candidate reach


Increase in placements


The Recruitment App that Goes Where You Go

  • Instantly add talent to your database
  • Make talent acquisition fully remote, convenient and always on
  • Instantly respond to messages wherever you are
  • Recruit talent at speed for quick hiring turnaround

Manage Recruitment More Effectively Via a Mobile Recruiting App

Whether a career fair, networking or face-to-face meet, add talent instantly to your database while remote, making recruitment more efficient and saving precious time. The mobile recruitment app means talent acquisition teams never need to be tethered to a desktop or laptop.

Download the Recruiting App on Any Device

Whether IOS or Android, company-issued or personal, put the power of WorkLLama’s mobile recruiting app in the palm of your hand, letting you register, engage or contact talent wherever you are and whenever you need.

Increase Speed to Hire and Avoid Losing Top Talent

Top talent is in high demand and short supply and can be snapped up quickly. By registering and engaging talent while on-the-go, you can expedite the recruitment process and get talent working fast.

What Hiring Leaders Have to Say

Manager of Digital Strategy

“WorkLLama is a mobile-first, frictionless platform with optimal user functionality. It provided ample referrals in just a small amount of time."


“With job notifications, candidate profiles and instant responses, WorkLLama helps me keep up with on-demand workforce needs and stay connected with in-demand workers."

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Going viral isn’t about millions of candidates jumping in your talent pool. It’s about human connection and the desire to share an experience. That’s exactly why you’re here.

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