Enrich the Employee Experience with
Talent Community Forums

New ways of working call for new ways to engage talent. WorkLLama’s employee community forum brings conversations and connections online in an ever-flexible working world


Growth in monthly engagement


Increase in profitability


Less absenteeism


No Matter Their Location, Connect Your Talent Community

  • Bring employee engagement and interaction online to connect talent across geography and work setting
  • Promote employee sharing and collaboration to deliver talent experiences
  • Organize departmental, project or interest-based groups to facilitate learning and innovation
  • Reduce noise from multiple communications platforms, streamlining all of your communications in one place

Connect Your Talent Community

With flexible working and more employee interactions brought online, WorkLLama helps you engage and assemble your talent community through customizable employee forums. Whether for project management, virtual town halls or social engagement, talent comes together in one place, enhancing communications and the employee experience.

Innovate at Scale

Your people are your most valuable asset, but with more solo working, creativity and innovation can be stifled. Bringing talent communities together online and providing a forum for collaboration can ensure that your organization stays connected and primed for opportunity.

Bring Your Communications Together in One Place

Employee communication initiatives can have a counter effect if messages are lost or disjointed. WorkLLama’s total talent platform allows you to deliver unified touchpoints across the entire talent journey, connecting people across function, seniority and lifecycle stage and creating an enviable talent experience.

What Hiring Leaders Have to Say

“WorkLLama offers end-to-end automation that can facilitate talent nurture capabilities, digital recruitment marketing, and, most importantly, scalable and repeatable processes that can transform talent engagement.”

Senior Vice President

“With the new app, we’re able to meet our talent where they’re at, and most often that is on a mobile device. The time savings and efficiencies gained are huge. And, we love to say, ‘Download our app!”

Chief Executive Officer

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Schedule a Demo with One of Our LLamazing LLamas


Get Your Guide to Viral Recruiting

Going viral isn’t about millions of candidates jumping in your talent pool. It’s about human connection and the desire to share an experience. That’s exactly why you’re here.

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