Engage Talent Pools at Scale with AI Chatbot Technology

From talent acquisition through workforce management, WorkLLama’s advanced conversational bot lets you engage talent through every stage of their candidate, contractor or employee journey


Increase in your talent community


Increase in new or re-engaged candidates


Decrease in time to interview


Conversational Bot Technology Activates and Engages Future, Current, and Past Talent Pools

  • Engage talent across every touch point in their candidate, contractor or employee journey
  • Answer questions, automate processes and enhance workforce management through a single platform
  • Personalize conversations and provide accurate, automated answers fast
  • Streamline processes and put time back in your day by unlocking the potential of automation

Deliver Personalized Experiences

Conversational AI technology lets you engage talent and answer their questions on demand and at the ready. Connect the right candidate to the right role? No problem. Engage employees and answer their most pressing questions? It’s covered. AI lets you make your engagements more efficient and meaningful, improving every stage of the candidate and employee journey.

Convert More Talent Through Automation

Sofi, our AI conversational bot guides talent through their candidate journey, reaching candidates at scale, connecting them to the right role, answering questions and even scheduling interviews. Whether reactivating existing talent or reaching new audiences through crowdsourced referrals, chat bot technology streamlines processes and makes teams more efficient.

Make Workforce Management Work for You

From employee communications to shift management and time tracking, all your work force management and HR needs can be handled in one place, reducing friction and enhancing the employee or contractor experience.

What Hiring Leaders Have to Say

“With the new app, we’re able to meet our talent where they’re at, and most often that is on a mobile
device. This is a competitive advantage for us.”

Chief Executive Officer

“Not only could they integrate seamlessly with our ATS, but I had direct access to WorkLLama’s
senior leadership to discuss how to best leverage the technology. We now have a powerful tech
partner and roadmap to support that growth.”

Chief Executive Officer

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