Segment Audiences, Personalize Communications and Enhance Journeys with Talent Pool Software

WorkLLama creates tailored talent experiences through AI-driven, automated dynamic talent pools


Increase in your talent community


Increase in new or re-engaged candidates


Decrease in time to interview


Talent Pool Recruitment Software to Enhance the Total Talent Experience

  • Identify and classify talent pools based on profile and behavior characteristics
  • Automate segmentation to eliminate manual data entry and administration
  • Seamlessly integrate with the ATS and HRS to engage audiences across the talent lifecycle
  • Personalize communications and serve up relevant job opportunities to expedite hiring
  • Create tailored experiences through advanced AI-chatbot technology

Create Lookalike Audiences with Dynamic Talent Pool Software

Identify, classify and segment talent pools with similar profiles or behaviors, letting you engage audiences with customized communications and opportunities as unique as they are. AI-technology creates dynamic talent pools based on skills, experiences and online actions that can be updated or removed as needed.

Make a Truly Personal Talent Experience Through Tailored Touchpoints

Serve up personalized messages and targeted job opportunities based on talent pool characteristics to engage and nurture audiences across their talent journey. Enhance your employer brand and expedite the hiring process through more humanized – yet automated – talent experiences. 

Focus Attraction Efforts Where You Need Them Most

Not all candidates are created equal. Identify and engage talent that match your specific hiring needs, letting you amplify your attraction efforts in line with your recruitment plans and open opportunities. Advanced reporting gives you the data you need to make informed decisions.

What Hiring Leaders Have to Say

“WorkLLama offers end-to-end direct sourcing automation that can facilitate talent nurture capabilities,
digital recruitment marketing, and, most importantly, scalable and repeatable processes that can
transform talent engagement.”

Senior Vice President

“With job notifications, candidate profiles and instant responses, WorkLLama helps me keep up with on-demand workforce needs and stay connected with in -demand workers.”


“WorkLLama helps me keep in touch with my network—and it helps them stay
engaged with our
opportunities and activities too. The platform accomplishes a level of nurturing it would take four
people to pull off, but it’s just me.”

Recruitment Specialist

Schedule a Demo with One of Our LLamazing LLamas


Schedule a Demo with One of Our LLamazing LLamas


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