Integrate Your Workforce and Recruitment Communications with AI and Automation

WorkLLama lets you create personalized conversations to engage audiences across each stage of their recruitment and workforce journey


increase in your talent community


increase in new or re-engaged candidates


decrease in time to interview


Conversational AI and Automation Technology to Engage Talent When, Where and How They Want to Communicate

  • Create dynamic, two-way conversations across every stage of the talent journey, from recruitment to workforce communications
  • Enable broadcast and collaborative communications through talent and employee forums
  • Answer questions at pace and scale, delivering AI-driven talent communications tailored to the individual’s needs
  • Improve departmental and employee productivity by automating processes and communications, putting time back into your day

Personalize Communications at Scale

Whether hiring talent or engaging your workforce, communications are branded, streamlined and consistent to improve processes and experiences, all the while delivered with a personalized touch. Your talent audiences get the answers they need as and when they need them.

Create Recruitment Communications that Convert

Evidence what makes your company a great place to work through personalized, branded communications that convey your employer value proposition. Artificial intelligence and conversational bot technology deliver accurate responses to candidates’ most pressing questions, all the while increasing conversion and retention without the manual effort

Deliver Workforce Communications that Engage

Whether broadcast corporate communications or collaborative employee forums, WorkLLama facilitates enhanced workforce communications for office, field and home-based workers. Increase employee motivation and sense of community through an all-in-one talent engagement platform

What Hiring Leaders Have to Say

“With job notifications, candidate profiles and instant responses, WorkLLama helps me keep up withon-demand workforce needs and stay connected with in-demand workers.”


“WorkLLama helps me keep in touch with my network—and it helps them stay engaged with our opportunities and activities too. The platform accomplishes a level of nurturing it would take four people to pull off, but it’s just me.”

Recruitment Specialist

“With the new app, we’re able to meet our talent where they’re at, and most often that is on a mobile device. This is a competitive advantage for us.”

Chief Executive Officer

Schedule a Demo with One of Our LLamazing LLamas


Schedule a Demo with One of Our LLamazing LLamas


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