Collaborate, Engage and Dazzle Stakeholders with Talent Self-Service

WorkLLama’s client portal software helps you collaborate with clients and stakeholders, improving talent delivery and accelerating the recruitment process


Increase in candidate placements


reduction in time to hire


days saved per hire


Client Portal Software to Expedite and Enhance Talent Delivery

  • Put your stakeholders in the driver’s seat to login, review talent and collaborate on recruitment
  • Favorite or rank candidates to improve hiring processes
  • Intelligently surface candidates that meet select preferences and criteria
  • Let stakeholders log their vacancies, improving efficiency and speed to market

Improve Collaboration with Your Stakeholders

Whether an agency or in-house recruiter, give self-service access to your stakeholders, letting them submit their vacancies, review candidates and rank preferences, all in one place. WorkLLama streamlines recruitment, managing the process from start to finish on a single platform.

Create a Talent ‘Shopping’ Experience


Intelligent AI learns and updates stakeholders’ preferences and dynamically serves up candidate profiles that meet criteria, letting clients review talent that are most relevant. Stakeholders simply flag preferred profiles, letting recruiters handle the rest.

Speed Up Hiring

Streamline stakeholder collaboration and communication, letting you expedite the recruitment process and get talent working – fast. By managing stakeholder engagement in one place, friction is reduced and a more efficient, effective recruitment process is achieved.

What Hiring Leaders Have to Say

“Not only could they integrate seamlessly with our ATS, but I had direct access to WorkLLama’s
senior leadership to discuss how to best leverage the technology. As a growing organization, we now
have a powerful tech partner and tech roadmap to support that

Chief Executive Officer

“With the new app, we’re able to meet our talent where they’re at, and most often that is on a mobile
device. The time savings and efficiencies gained are huge. And, we love to say, ‘Download our app!”

Chief Executive Officer

“WorkLLama offers end-to-end direct sourcing automation that can facilitate talent nurture capabilities,
digital recruitment marketing, and, most importantly, scalable and repeatable processes that can
transform talent engagement.”

Senior Vice President

Schedule a Demo with One of Our LLamazing LLamas


Schedule a Demo with One of Our LLamazing LLamas


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