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Before the pandemic, direct sourcing was the top priority for businesses in regard to talent acquisition and workforce management (according to Ardent Partners and Future of Work Exchange research). Over the course of the past two years, direct sourcing became even more valuable as a viable, flexible, and nimble talent engagement strategy.

The age of direct sourcing is here, sparked by not just the advent of talent curation and talent pools, but also “Direct Sourcing 2.0” strategies that are actively aiding enterprises in transforming their workforce engagement strategies into truly agile approaches to optimize how work is done. Direct Sourcing 2.0 is heralded by deeper and more robust recruitment efforts, including referral automation, automated recruitment marketing, and the development of on-demand talent communities.

The webinar aired live on January 27, 2022 at 12 p.m. ET and featured the company’s COO and co-founder, Saleem Khaja, as well as Ardent Partners’ SVP of Research (and Managing Director of the Future of Work Exchange), Christopher J. Dwyer, and Kevin Leete, Executive Director of Enterprise Sales at Atrium, as they discussed the impact of direct sourcing in 2022 and beyond. The webinar highlighted findings from Ardent’s new Direct Sourcing 2.0 research study and discussed:

  • The short- and long-term value of talent community and talent pool strategies.
  • The capabilities and processes inherent in Best-in-Class direct sourcing programs.
  • The role and impact of direct sourcing automation, and;
  • How businesses can implement “Direct Sourcing 2.0” strategies to optimize talent acquisition, talent engagement, and work optimization.

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