Crowd Enabled, AI Driven, Viral Recruiting & Engagement Platform
Just-in-time / On-demand Staffing

Enterprises & 
Staffing Companies

Increase Fill Rates

Leverage your network of associates to flex your recruiting capacity in a flash! Everyone in the network and their networks is a recruiter and a job seeker. Go viral on social media with WorkLLama’s recruitment and engagement platform.

Increase fill rates
Lower cost to hire

Reduce cost to Hire

Leverage WorkLLama platform to recruit efficiently and accurately!

Reduce Time to Hire

Reach ready to work candidates in real-time. Receive alerts and communicate with applicants from one place via Voice, Chat, SMS/Text, App Messages, etc. Eliminate time it takes to jump across tools to communicate with candidates and consolidate notes.

Reduce time to hire
Reduce employee turnover

Reduce Employee Turnover

Use multi-mode rich-media messaging, AI based engagement, polls, surveys, and more to reduce turnover, improve productivity, and provide better customer service.

Improve customer satisfaction

Avoid downtime and associated costs due to lack of labor. Have instant access to qualified candidates and their networks. Leverage WorkLLam’s just-in-time on-demand staffing capabilities.

Quickly respond

Reduce Administrative Costs

Use WorkLLama’s unified candidate communication and engagement capability to eliminate inefficiencies and integration challenges. Leverage integrations with background check providers, payroll service providers, etc. to gain efficiencies and cost savings.

Reduce onboarding time

Reduce On-Boarding Time

Leverage patented algorithms to target and hire candidates who can hit the road running. Use in-app videos and questionnaires to pre-train and provide job details.


Increase Hiring and Referral Campaign Efficiencies

Create, Launch, Measure, and Analyze hiring campaigns and referral programs launched on various channels – Facebook, LinkedIn, websites, job boards, etc.

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