Create a Wholly Human Connection through AI and Automation

A Talented Team Revolutionizing Talent Engagement. We’re WorkLLama.

We help companies engage candidates, employees, and contractors with branded, personalized experiences.

Why the LLama?

Llamas are known for lifting workloads, being herd-oriented, guarding sheep and even delivering happiness. WorkLLama lightens the workload of your talent acquisition and engagement activities, letting employers and staffing companies create and deliver enhanced experiences.

Our Mission

To give recruiters and employers the how (and why) to put candidates first. We automate and optimize the hiring process to create time and space for personal connections to grow.

Our Vision

We want to see employers, staffing firms and recruiting tech get serious about serving peoples’ needs with bolder, more meaningful experiences. To put a bold underline under the human in human resources,

Elevate the Talent Journey

We create personalized experiences to elevate the talent journey. Whether it’s an employer looking for staff, a recruiter supporting their client or a job seeker looking for their next role, elevating the candidate experience is at the heart of everything we do.


Improving the talent journey is what drives us. We know it can be better for candidates and technology can achieve it.


We remove unconscious bias from the hiring process, providing equitable and inclusive experiences for all.


We hear you. We’re constantly enhancing our product to solve your most pressing HR and talent challenges.


Hiring talent can be tough. Finding a job can be tough. We want to find solutions in which empathy is at the core.


Talent is a serious matter, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We make work and the talent journey more fun!


We’re passionate about what we do and relentless about improving the talent journey. This guides everything we do.

Meet our LLamas Leaders

Our herd is passionate about creating total talent experiences.

Harness the Power of Our Partner Ecosystem

WorkLLama partners with key tech and talent industry leaders to deliver the best-in-class branded talent community solution. Optimize your operations, achieve your next level of growth.

Creating your Talent Tech Stack

We partner with you to understand your tech stack and integration requirements to unlock the features you need to solve your greatest HR and talent challenges.


Be Part of Something Great

Ready to revolutionize the talent journey? We’re looking for like-minded visionaries who know that technology can unlock the path to being more human. We’re ambitious. We’re growing. And, we want you to join us.

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