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Are you doing enough to include people with disabilities in your DE&I efforts?

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In this report, you’ll be provided with an overview of direct sourcing and how it can be used to help MSPs. Specifically, we’ll discuss the components that make up direct sourcing, including talent sourcing and marketing, the importance of referrals, and talent management. There is also a roadmap to select and implement a robust direct sourcing technology and how to overcome some of the challenges organizations come up against when bringing in a new technology.
As the world continues to navigate its way through the pandemic, unprecedented talent challenges are once again proving to be the biggest impediments for organizations and businesses globally. As a result, organizations are being forced to reimagine and revamp their talent sourcing approaches by taking a total talent lens covering all types of workers.
We partnered with Arden Partners to explore how businesses who explore direct sourcing can meet business pressures and challenges
Now more than ever, being able to connect in a very human way can help staffing firms attract and engage the best candidates — and differentiate their employment brand. Top talent is top talent no matter what market or economic conditions you’re operating in. They expect quality candidate experiences — and only the hiring managers, corporate recruiters and staffing firms prepared to deliver those experiences will be able to win.

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