Supercharge your ATS* with WorkLLama AI driven SaaS platform!
Virally Recruit, Engage, Manage & Re-deploy your Workforce

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* – Applicant Tracking System

WorkLLama Mobile App for your ATS


Jobseekers who can’t apply via a mobile device rarely return to finish the application

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Candidates discover agencies via referrals


Businesses identify employee referrals are the top channel for quality hires

Crowd Enabled Viral Recruiting

Crowd Enabled (1)
  • Referral tracking & management.
    • Visibility into referrals – applied, hired, etc.
    • Engage with referrals – Chat & Voice
  • Incentive tracking & management.
    • View potential earnings
    • View actual earnings

AI Driven Candidate Engagement

AI Driven (1)
  • Surveys & polls
  • Virtual Assistant – Chat bot
  • Broadcast & One-on-One Communication
    • Text / SMS
    • Chat
    • Voice
    • In-App alerts
  • Real Time Alerts / Notifications

Post Hire Engagement

  • Clock-in / Clock-out
  • Availability Schedule
  • Presence Settings
time and attendance

Other Features

  • Living Resume
    • Job History
    • Skills
    • Credentials
  • Real-time mobile access to find, apply, and get hired for jobs
  • In-app tutorials & guides

WorkLLama Recruiter Portal for your ATS

  • Increase speed, accuracy, & efficiency of recruiters & the recruiting process
  • Built for staffing agencies & businesses with high volume & time sensitive recruiting.
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Recruiter Console

  • One screen for all recruiter functions.
  • Increase recruiting speed & achieve higher Fill rate.

Multimode Communication

  • Fully integrated
    • Text / SMS
    • Chat
    • Voice
    • In-App
  • Broadcast & One-on-One.
  • Communications cataloged at job & candidate level.
  • Save time spent switching tools & cataloging information.

Referral Programs

  • Launch, manage, & measure
  • Fully automated for viral distribution
  • Detailed view into who referred whom – identify your brand ambassadors
  • Eliminate administrative overhead, so your resources can focus on revenue generating activities

AI Driven Candidate Engagement

  • System initiated engagements – alerts, notifications, surveys, polls, virtual assistant, etc.
  • Offload tasks to invest time in revenue generating activities.
hiring campaigns

Hiring Campaigns

  • Launch, manage, & measure.
  • View clicks, applicants, & hires from various candidate sources.
  • Optimize your recruiting spend.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

  • Descriptive & Predictive analytics.
  • Leverage data to make informed decisions.
Advanced report
Hiring workflows

Other Features

  • Hiring workflows with questionnaires, custom notification messages, etc.
  • Company profiles, skills, credentials, etc.

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