A solution that engages talent through every step of their journey? We're it.

When it comes to total workforce management, this is what sets us apart.

Sofi, AI-driven Conversational Chatbot 

Create personalized communications at all touch points along the candidate journey, keeping talent engaged and nurtured through automated marketing and communication.

Crowdsourced Referrals

Engage with the entire talent ecosystem, delivering the most sought-after community of qualified talent by building a candidate and employee referral program. Extend your reach and bring in top talent to bridge the gap the talent deficit has created.

Talent Marketing

Automate targeted interactions that attract and nurture candidates for current and future opportunities, and to redeploy top talent in the future.

Dynamic Talent Pools

Automate an unlimited number of talent segments to customize touchpoints by skill set, region, and more, and gain unprecedented visibility into your talent community.

On Demand Shift Manager

Manage all shifts, monitor fills, automate backfill, and provide real-time candidate communication pre-and-post assignment and while onsite to ensure shifts are filled every time.


Ensure candidates have the required active licenses and certificates for any assignment, and automatically request updated paperwork as necessary.

Mobile App

Create a branded destination with a suite of functionality for all candidates, keeping talent engaged with your brand and aware of all opportunities.

Community Forum

Elevate the candidate’s engagement with your brand through valuable, curated content and meaningful experiences with other members of the talent community.

Tech and Services

WorkLLama is an integrated technology and services solution that automates the candidate journey to deliver a transformative experience for all talent