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Attracting and retaining talent has grown harder in recent years. Between the growing talent deficit and the changing mindsets of both workers and organizations, recruitment is no longer as simple as it once was. Job openings sit open longer, recruiters put in more work, and talent doesn’t always match expectations. 

Shift Toward Agile: On-Demand Talent for Shift Work

Although many organizations keep the traditional 9-5 Monday through Friday, this isn’t always the case. We’ve all heard the term shift work. But, what is shift work exactly? With shift work, workers “rotate” shifts around the clock as the organizations they work for are often open or need to manufacture items 24 hours a day.

Direct Source Your Candidates with Help From WorkLLama

What is Direct Source Recruiting?

What is Direct Source Recruiting? Companies need workers. Things are, unfortunately, not as simple as they once were. Talent acquisition has changed quite a bit

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