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As the world continues to navigate its way through the pandemic, unprecedented talent challenges are once again proving to be the biggest impediments for organizations and businesses globally. As a result, organizations are being forced to reimagine and revamp their talent sourcing approaches by taking a total talent lens covering all types of workers.

Watch Now: 4 Secrets of the Ultimate Candidate, Employee and Customer Experience

Staffing Industry Leaders Discuss Why CX Matters Now More Than Ever 

Every candidate, employee and customer has an impression of their experience with you. It affects how long they stay with an organization, how well they do their jobs, how likely they are to come back with more business for you.

Watch Now: How To Use Referrals To Make Recruiting Go Viral Webinar

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Referred candidates are 5x more likely to be hired than candidates from any other source. So, what are you doing about it? In this complimentary SIA Webinar, you’ll learn how industry leaders harness technology to work smarter, not harder to engage candidates and make their referral programs go viral. 

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