You know Sofi, WorkLLama’s AI-driven conversational chatbot. But do you really know Sofi?

Here’s a day in the life of our brand ambassador—often imitated, never duplicated.

After some stretching and meditation to start the day, it’s time for breakfast. Sofi noshes on grass, cud, and the competition while reading over the daily news coming from WorkLLama’s community forum, a feature-rich content portal that sends personalized collateral, training, job openings and more. 

Seeing the headline, it’s a reminder of the power of WorkLLama’s shift management, which allows organizations to manage unfilled and underfilled shifts in healthcare, light industrial, retail, manufacturing, and more, right from our branded mobile app. This will come in handy for companies looking to capitalize on all those skilled freelancers entering the market.

Next, it’s time for a walk to catch up with friends (LLamas are pack animals, you know). When asked about WorkLLama’s latest round of funding (that’s $50M in case you haven’t heard), Sofi is all too excited to talk about the innovation ahead.

As you know, Sofi already provides real-time responses with natural language engagement, ensuring that all candidates receive an experience similar to chatting with a person as they move through the hiring process and engage with a company’s brand. This means a talent community will receive an always-on, highly personalized candidate experience they deserve—one that keeps them more engaged, leading to more placements and better overall candidate experiences (equating to higher redeployment and referrals). 


(Sofi turns to friend)-Speaking of referrals, do you know anyone who may be a good fit for this open Traveling Nurse position? There’s a variable incentive program if you refer someone who gets the job! It’s easy to do through our automated crowdsourced referral engine

Next up, it’s lunchtime with WorkLLama’s fab partners, who are eager to learn what this new innovation will mean for them. We talk in detail about our talent marketing capabilities, branded career sites, and talent relationship management, meaning we reach the people who they want to network with, bringing efficiencies at scale.

With WorkLLama, you can automate an unlimited number of talent segments to customize touchpoints and gain unprecedented visibility into your talent community. We enable a scalable and automated approach to talent marketing and, in return, unprecedented access to talent. 

After a hard day at work, Sofi takes a load off in the LLama Lounge. Nightcap in hand, all that’s left to do is dream about the WorkLLama vision of enabling total workforce management through our AI-driven platform, creating one community for all hiring needs. 

And we’re just getting started.