Talent Marketing: Attract, Engage, Onboard Faster

As Matthew Jeffrey, VP Global Head of Employment Branding and Sourcing at SAP, said, recruitment IS marketing. Inbound talent marketing is one of the top trends in HR organizations across industries. The new world of work has turned talent acquisition upside down with a low supply of qualified candidates and a high demand from employers. No longer are traditional recruitment strategies enough—meaningful relationships and candidate experience matter more now than ever. 

Industries that focused less on the journey—like B2B and staffing—are now seeing shifts in preferences towards a more personalized experience. Thankfully, with the rise of recruitment CRMs, they can deliver that experience. It is also leading to a change in the expectations for recruiters. Recruitment KPIs now include marketing terms. 

Recruitment Marketing vs Talent Marketing

Recruitment marketing is an essential part of the modern candidate experience. It focuses on the pre-applicant phase, attracting strong talent and building a strong talent pipeline. Talent marketing, which includes recruitment marketing, focuses on the entire candidate lifecycle, providing a personalized candidate experience from attraction to re-engagement through omnichannel communications. It follows the same principles eCommerce companies use to attract customers, instead focusing on attracting the right candidates. 

Though candidate supply is down and recruiter demand is up, there is also an increase in highly specialized talent preferring to work contingently, either as a flexible employee, contractor, independent consultant, or freelancer. The changing mindsets that step away from conventional work models paired with the heightened competition for candidates have made talent even harder to acquire and engage. 

While recruitment marketing still has its place, a transition towards holistic talent marketing is the future. For those who haven’t already begun looking at the whole picture, it is time to start. The benefits talent marketing provides surpass those of recruitment marketing alone.

Omnichannel communications provide a seamless experience for both the candidate and the recruiter or hiring manager. Segmenting talent communications, focusing on specific talent pools, skill sets, demographics, certifications, etc., can provide targeted journeys that keep candidates more engaged throughout their lifecycle. The holistic, whole-view approach to the marketing process involved in recruiting leads to better engagement. Better engagement leads to better numbers for recruiters and hiring managers. 

Attract Top Talent and Fill Your Pipeline

Inbound talent marketing begins in the attraction phase. WorkLLama takes talent marketing and turns it up a notch—several notches, actually. 

Working to attract talent, whether you’re actively looking to fill a position or are proactively recruiting, fills your talent pipeline with high-quality, pre-vetted talent. It can help eliminate some of the harder, more time-consuming recruitment processes and reduce time-to-interview and time-to-hire. In fact, WorkLLama helps cut down time-to-interview by 75% and time-to-hire by 55%. 

WorkLLama provides a mix of both recruitment marketing strategies and total talent marketing recruitment strategies that enable on-the-go recruiting and make you a more competitive brand.

Recruitment marketing strategies:

Branded career sites. 10x your candidate reach with branded, SEO-optimized career sites built with the same principles eCommerce sites use. You’ll be able to create the hyper-personalized candidate experience and targeted communications that today’s in-demand talent is looking for.

Talent workflows. Our intelligent software was designed for smarter staffing. Streamline workflows and design workflow-driven engagements that not only personalize the candidate experience but increase engagement. 

Recruitment strategies for on-the-go recruiting:

Branded mobile app. Nothing says on-the-go recruiting like a mobile app. The fully branded mobile app is designed to simplify talent acquisition to make screening and onboarding candidates even easier. 

Crowd-sourced recruiting. You’re building an excellent network of talent with high-quality candidates who have highly qualified friends. Let your talent do the work and see a potential 300% increase in candidates and a 900% increase in placements

Viral social referrals. The number of candidates using social media to search for jobs is increasing. Reach new, untapped audiences with our all-in-one social media recruitment tool. 

Text-based recruiting. Thanks to our AI recruitment platform, we can offer true omnichannel communications. Recruit through all of our channels seamlessly, even when you utilize text recruiting strategies in a non-app-based environment. 

Total Talent Engagement

WorkLLama’s total talent engagement targets those looking for full-time employment, contract roles, and freelance positions throughout the candidate journey. A holistic approach, which includes recruitment marketing and talent marketing creates a 46% increase in net new or re-engaged candidates. 

Today’s talent wants a hyper-personalized candidate experience—with two-thirds of candidates rejecting a job offer due to a bad candidate experience. With total talent engagement, you won’t just grow your talent pools, you’ll nurture them with branded omnichannel communications that deliver a truly personalized candidate experience

 Total talent engagement provides the candidate experience that today’s talent craves while increasing engagement and keeping candidates warmer longer. We do this through:

 Omnichannel workflows. Our talent workflows truly deliver smarter staffing. Deploy communications through any channel—phone, text, email, voice, app, etc.—thanks to our AI-driven platform.

 Frictionless, AI-driven intake. WorkLLama’s platform allows for a seamless intake via multiple channels with our automated hiring. Candidates can apply, ask and answer questions, and work through the entire process on your branded career site, through your branded app, or via Sofi, our omnichannel conversational AI chatbot. 

 Dynamic talent pools. Recruiters know the benefits of developing talent pools. WorkLLama allows for the curation of private, branded talent communities. Manage multiple brands in one platform and deliver targeted communications to each individual pool of talent based on location, contract type, employment goals (FTE, contract, freelance, etc.), industry, and more.

Warm Up Candidate Relationships

It’s not enough to simply engage new candidates. You need to keep your existing candidates warm. WorkLLama allows you to continuously engage your virtual bench of pre-vetted and onboarded candidates, allowing you to keep candidates warmer longer through:

  • Branded, segmented talent communities
  • Ongoing workflow communications across the candidate journey, tailored by their profile and triggered by certain actions
  • Agile, on-demand shift management that leads to an 81% drop in absenteeism


Today’s talent wants a personalized candidate experience, which is why we leverage advanced automation techniques that allow recruiters to focus their attention where it matters: on the candidates. Human resources still need a human touch, so does the candidate journey. Start treating your candidates like customers, delivering an unforgettable experience that keeps talent engaged—and creates a pipeline full of brand ambassadors—while increasing the likelihood of placement. View our product tour today. 

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