Employee Shift Management Made Simple in a Single Platform

Schedule, track and analyze shift work in a single platform backed by the power of AI and automation


Growth in monthly engagement


Increase in profitability


Less absenteeism


Manage Contractor and Shift Workers on a Single Platform Powered by AI and Automation

  • Make shift management transparent and easily administered a single platform
  • Manage full time and casual shift workers including time reporting and payroll/payments
  • Benefit from walled garden accessibility, allowing for confidential and/or transparent workforce management
  • Integrate WorkLLama’s shift management platform into your HRS and payroll systems to streamline processes

Simplify Employee Shift Management

Shift reporting has never been easier. The WorkLLama platform lets you schedule, track and analyze shifts for hourly workers, and the dashboard enables clear workforce visualization. Workers can request time off or change their availability through a self-service, increasing efficiency and minimizing admin.

Deliver Communications at Scale and One-to-One

The WorkLLama platform is completely customizable, allowing you to deliver integrated and scaled communications to shift workers or highly personalized one-to-one communications through the conversational chatbot.

Integrate Shift Management into Your Tech Stack

Manual shift scheduling is a thing of the past. WorkLLama gives you end-to-end workforce management that integrates across your tech stack, enabling a seamless experience for both the employer and worker.

What Hiring Leaders Have to Say

“WorkLLama offers end-to-end direct sourcing automation that can facilitate talent nurture capabilities,
digital recruitment marketing, and, most importantly, scalable and repeatable processes that can
transform talent engagement.”

Senior Vice President

“With the new app, we’re able to meet our talent where they’re at, and most often that is on a mobile device. The time savings and efficiencies gained are huge. And, we love to say, ‘Download our app!”

Chief Executive Officer

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Schedule a Demo with One of Our LLamazing LLamas


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