WorkLLama’s Latest Talent Marketing Automation Marks Continued Tech Investment

Next-generation talent marketing and shift management means competitive advantage for winning the war on talent

ALPHARETTA, GA, December XX, 2022 — WorkLLama, technology provider of a single, modern, AI-driven talent marketing, relationship management, engagement, and direct sourcing suite, today announced several game changing features and benefits to its platform to provide unparalleled on-demand access to talent to help organizations access highly skilled workers at scale. 

With our full content management suite, customers are empowered to build SEO-optimized, branded career sites that offer next-gen talent marketing opportunities, delivering massive impact and reach for their brand. WorkLLama’s no-code editor allows organizations to build unlimited landing pages (with templates available for easy design), including multimedia content and job boards—all which can be personalized to deliver a content-rich, individualized experience for candidates looking for their next career.  

“Our CMS functionality makes it simple for customers to attract, engage, and nurture talent like never before,” said Sugandan Dinakaran, Head of Product for WorkLLama. “Now, companies can market directly to top talent with personalized messaging, content, and job opportunities at scale, making talent attraction and retention easy.”

Additionally, all the benefits of our shift management suite are now available via our mobile app. For hiring managers and recruiters, this means on-the-fly capability to post and fill last minute shifts with just a few clicks. This unprecedented access now delivers the ability to chat with candidates in real-time, see who’s checked in for a shift and which shifts are unfilled or underfilled, and quickly respond to find additional talent. The results mean greater retention, more productivity, and the ability to engage with top talent quickly and seamlessly. 

“Shift work is a critical component for many industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, transportation, and more. The ability to find workers where they are at (i.e., via mobile) means they can easily apply and be selected for critical shifts,” said Saleem Khaja, COO, WorkLLama. “Our goal is to profoundly improve retention, recruitment, and shift management so companies can get work done. WorkLLama customers have seen a 42% growth in monthly engagement through the platform, a 23% increase in profitability, and an 81% decrease in absenteeism.”

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