Rev Up Your Recruitment with an AI-Driven Hiring Platform

WorkLLama supercharges your talent acquisition through simplified and scalable hiring technology, letting you manage high-volume hiring and staffing with ease.


Increase in candidate placements


Reduction in time to hire


days saved per hire

Manage Volume Recruitment

Augment your talent teams through technology, so you can scale your business and headcount efficiently and effectively. WorkLLama empowers your teams to do more – reach more candidates, recruit more talent and welcome new hires onboard in a single platform.

Harness Candidate Referrals

Generate more talent through crowd-sourced and incentivized referrals, amplified through AI and automation and tracked through to placement. Referrers are kept informed throughout the recruitment process, making referral programs efficient and error-free.

Streamline the Hiring Process

Whether a single hire or several, WorkLLama makes the recruitment process more efficient and effective, offering transparency and/or confidentiality through walled gardens and personalized experiences for your hiring teams.

What Hiring Leaders Have to Say

“With job notifications, candidate profiles and instant responses, WorkLLama helps me keep up with on-demand workforce needs and stay connected with in-demand workers.”


“WorkLLama helps me keep in touch with my network—and it helps them stay engaged with our opportunities and activities too. The platform accomplishes a level of nurturing it would take four people to pull off, but it’s just me.”

Recruitment Specialist

“With the new app, we’re able to meet our talent where they’reat, and most often that is on a mobile device. This is a competitive advantage for us.”

Chief Executive Officer

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