Harnessing the Power of Automation-Driven Direct Sourcing

Despite today’s economic headwinds, 52% of contingent workforce managers surveyed plan to increase direct sourcing. In fact, in the face of continued labor shortages, more say labor access rather than cost reduction is their key objective. 

In this competitive labor market candidate attraction and engagement is crucial. How can your organization scale a direct sourcing program to efficiently attract more talent, lock in candidates, and reduce cost?

In this webinar, find out how your company can harness automation-driven direct sourcing to help:

•Improve candidate access

•Personalize candidate engagement

•Provide scalability quickly

•Create talent communities

Join Amy Geiger from Marriott, Joss O’Brart and Kevin Leete from WorkLLama, and SIA’s John Schroeder, to give your talent acquisition team more knowledge (and power) when it comes to the capabilities of automation-driven direct sourcing.

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