Automated technology makes credential management seamless

Tracking and maintaining up-to-date credentialing and licensures is critical in many industries. Any profession requiring credentials typically includes a maintenance requirement. That means, to keep using it, people must take part in continuing education in the field to ensure they stay up to date on evolving competencies specific to their industry. 

In the medical profession, for instance, credentials help to verify that nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals have been properly trained and certified in a given field. It is critical to patient care, reimbursement of services (specifically Medicaid/Medicare in the U.S.), and provider reputation that these credentials stay as up-to-date as possible to avoid risk. 

There can be legal ramifications for employers, healthcare facilities, and other providers if credentials are not properly maintained and updated. Similarly, for fields like manufacturing, light industrial, construction, financial services, and engineering, proper licenses must be tracked and reported on to ensure talent is available and capable of work being performed. 

Automated credentialing technology is key for any industry where certifications, licenses, and credentials need to be received, reviewed, updated, and renewed. It not only helps providers save time, money, and reduce human error, it can provide real-time dashboarding, automate workflows for verification, flag expirations, and provide detailed information for onboarding. It should keep track of documents and certifications nearing expiration and automatically alert an employer and candidate that documents need updating. 

At WorkLLama, our credentialing functionality ensures candidates have the required valid and active licenses and certificates for any assignment. There is the ability to set the expiry date for one or multiple credentials and have automated reminders go out, letting candidates know it’s time to upload a new credential as required. Additionally, customers can enable a skills checklist, so candidates can rate themselves on how proficient they feel they are in a given skill set tied to a credential. 

Sofi, our AI-driven conversational chatbot, can request credentials directly from candidates, interact via text or through our platform, and upload them on their behalf. This saves time and effort on the candidate’s behalf, allowing them to be submitted to open roles quickly and efficiently. It also keeps candidates engaged during the entirety of their journey. According to one study, 58% of prospective talent declined an offer due to poor experience during the hiring process. Imagine all the time, cost, and attention in finding the right candidates only to have over half decline because they were frustrated by the process!

Our “smart automation” allows alerts to be sent to workers with details of any missing or expired information, and a cadence can be set by a customer for how often candidates are notified. Organizations can also input exactly which credentials are necessary by job title, which will then prompt candidates to add all relevant items at the time they are submitted (or submit themselves) for a role or project.

For example, one WorkLLama customer used our credentialing capabilities and automated engagement for candidate profile completion and upkeep to instantly auto-match credentialed candidates with complete profiles to jobs, and automatically engage Sofi with them to place candidates on assignments. The results were faster time-to-fill, improved engagement and retention, and efficiencies at scale. 

Automated credentialing through WorkLLama provides a superior user experience for candidates and customers, enabling them to automate a process that has traditionally been cumbersome and time-consuming. This will help shine a positive light on organizations who have the technology in place to make candidates’ lives easier, increasing brand loyalty. It also means connecting to the right, qualified candidates quickly, a much-needed capability in today’s market. If you want to know more about how WorkLLama helps keep credentialed candidates organized and lessen the risk to an organization, schedule a demo here

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